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Launched in 2001, Blue Gizmo began by selling a range of handheld infrared thermometers. The initial success bolstered us to meet clients of various industries and understand their needs to expand our offerings. We have since grown to carry more types of thermometers, dataloggers and air quality sensors. Our success lies in our commitment to deliver the highest quality of products to customers at an affordable price.

Temperature plays a pivotal role in quality, safety, and efficiency in every sector and we believe that devices to monitor and regulate temperature should be accessible to all. Today, Blue Gizmo has grown into markets like Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Europe to bring safety abroad.

Our Vision

We care, we provide accurate measurements and solutions for a green, productive and sustainable world.

A Member of the Acez Group

  • Acez is a one-stop instrumentation house carrying wide arrays of products ranging from Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Flow, Calibration, Explosion-Proof and Climate Change Awareness.

    Blue Gizmo is a brand of Acez Instruments Pte Ltd. Thus, Acez Instruments is able to provide technical support for Blue Gizmo products.

  • ISOLAB (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated on 16 August 1993 and was fully acquired and became a subsidiary of ACEZ Instruments Pte Ltd in May 2001.

    ISOLAB (Singapore) Pte Ltd is an ISO/IEC 17025 SAC-Singlas accredited laboratory providing testing and calibration services for temperature, pressure, humidity measuring instruments and more. Isolab is a member of the Acez Group of Companies.

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